Episode 1 – Russell Lamberti


Russell Lamberti is the head strategist at ETM Analytics.

Russell has been involved in high-level consulting projects for government and the private sector ranging from feasibility studies to market impact assessments, and now consults full time to the fund management industry where he oversees a team providing research and strategic macro insights to portfolio managers for use in their asset allocation process. He has a passion for economics and financial markets and for individual liberty and economic freedom. His stated goal is see the return of sound, just money, the wholesale reform of our broken financial system, and the diminution of centralised and coercive state power.

Russell is the co-author (with Phillip Haslam) of When Money Destroys Nations: How Hyperinflation Ruined Zimbabwe, How Ordinary People Survived, and Warnings for Nations that Print Money Which is available in paperback and electronic editions at Amazon and Takelot.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Russell Lamberti

  1. I’m very much looking forward to hearing more episodes in this series. It’s really important to have these sorts of conversations.

    Can’t say that I agreed with much that Russell said though. Still it’s always good to have one’s thinking challenged by different points of view.


  2. Well done Steve. It’s great that you’ve created this platform. I wish you well with future casts. I thought Russell was a superb guest. Well informed and in touch with the realities of modern economics. Not completely behind him on super liberal, unfettered capitalism in a country that presents as needing a modicum of government intervention to provide social balance; however I couldn’t agree more that the current afflictions of SA government, from crony-ism to all out socialism, need rather urgent reform. Seeking unconventional solutions certainly presents as a means for breaking the cycle of subscribing to ill contrived fiscal strategies from the major world economies, and I could get on board with his call for a more free market approach… I might however just add the word ‘fair’ to his concept and muddy the waters a little. If Russell could provide for a ‘free’ and ‘fair’ market strategy that accounts for the prosperity of both corporate South Africa and it’s citizens, he’d get my vote. I’m not sure that a completely free market approach would achieve much more than an institutional shift in the current polarization of wealth and resource control in the country. I’d be keen to see him on a future cast and perhaps he could expand his thoughts on the role of governance in the country in his laissez faire approach. All the best.


  3. Hi Warren, thanks for the feedback I appreciate it. No doubt we will have Russell back on to discuss this. The other guests may also target this as an area of interest.



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  5. Hi don’t want to use Facebook, AND I am interested in the society you are forming – SAD – which you spoke about last night. Can you put me on a mailing list to let me know when this is ready for memberships so I can join? I also know two other people that would like to be members of the Society as well. We want to support what you’re doing as much as possible.Thanks!


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