The Sacking of Nene – With RW Johnson and Russell Lamberti


This week I discuss the surprise sacking of Finance Minister Nene and the political and economic turmoil it created this week with guests RW Johnson and Russell Lamberti.

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We also discuss why we aren’t governed like a normal G20 country, why the specific reasons for his sacking don’t really matter, why we have never been serious about fiscal reform,  what this means for our sovereign rating and where we go from here. It’s not all doom and gloom however with both guests finding some silver lining in our current plight.

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4 thoughts on “The Sacking of Nene – With RW Johnson and Russell Lamberti

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  2. pobre de JOHN17 quien sabe que le pasaria en la Cd de Mexico para expresarse de esa manera, que sea cualquiera el motivo creo que no tiene derecho alguno, me gustaria saber el motivo, tal vez sea envidia por estar la Cd de Mexico colocada en esos niveles muy superiores por cierto a los de cualquier otra ciudad de Latinoamerica,nos vemos. Te recomendaria te documentaras mas sobre todas las ciudades para emitir un “juicio” mas concreto .


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