The Problem of White Privilege – with Scott Burnett

final blog imageThis week I discuss the racial situation in South Africa with Scott Burnett.

We discuss the racial inequalities in our country, the problem of White Privilege and an analysis of offence. Plus why some Save the Rhino bumper stickers are racist.

Scott has worked for many years for loveLife; a national youth leadership development organisation where he developed a strong interest in social change and youth leadership. In 2003 he was selected as a Clinton Democracy Fellow for his work on citizen service.

He holds and honours in English Literature and Philosophy from Rhodes university and a Masters in Philosophy from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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He is currently a PhD candidate at the Wits Centre for Diversity Studies where his focus area is critical whiteness studies with a specific research into the influence of whiteness on environmental discourse.

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4 thoughts on “The Problem of White Privilege – with Scott Burnett

  1. I was born into a dirt poor family; my dad died when I was seven, and my Mom worked for the post office as a switch board operator until I was 12, and then married a civil servant, who at the gage of 60 was earning a 10th of what I was; and that eas because I ggot into business at 25 and retired at 55; I had no “white privilege” trampoline! So take that out of your vocabulary, Scott!
    And there are thousands like me who made it on their own!


  2. I really think that this whole topic needs to stop… Why? Because the government and politicians responsible for stealing the financial ability for black people to rise into their potential are constantly not held accountable… If people are upset about wages, they strike in their own townships, disrupting the lives of their surrounding people who want a peaceful life, while the fat cats sit in their multi million Rand mansions, sipping on the finest. The name White Privilege, Upsets a great number of white people who had nothing to do with the atrocities of the past. Regardless of weather it makes sense to you, it makes a human being feel like they’ve been branded. Human beings who strive to work hard, live peacefully, and engage in living a lifestyle completely undriven by racism. This very term Upsets good people, who are currently living a life hated by those who feel sympathetic to their own situation. There’s a word for it… Jealousy… And it eats away at the very core of the potential that black people have, in order to rise above the political Blame for Self Gain System. Politicians Love this term “White Privilege”… Because it encourages massive infighting, diverting our attention onto our own differences, while the politicians make millions off what should be used to convert a lazy trip of excuses into a propelled education system, a self multi million Rand wealth building scheme, into housing for those that have nothing. Open your eyes SA!! It’s Zuma’s house that needs to be burnt down, not tires and one room zozo’s in Olivenhouts, Its Blade that must fall, not the very universities that feed us the very education we seek, its the mansions of MP’s that need to be surrounded by mass action, not our very places of work! The division is what must fall…


  3. WHERE IS THE WHITE PRIVELEGE !!! Pray please tell me!!! We are all going through such a rough time, loosing jobs, being labled racist, loosing our homes, farmers being killed, women being raped and shot. Political parties encouraging their members to kill the white man, I am at huge risk of loosing my job not only because of BEE but because my boss has had enough and wants to emigrate. I will then loose EVERYTHING I have worked my whle life for since I was 13 I have worked. Please pray tell me WHAT privellage?? we have to pay our taxes, pay for increased food, electricity, high medical costs, high petrol prices, toll road frown emoticon frown emoticon and many other things so seriously !!! I would rather be black !!!!


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